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4 Reasons to Promote Math Success through Games

Why do educators try to use games for learning, especially with math content? Is it just to make learning fun? This is an important question; we see the difference in achievement when students are engaged and participating. So making learning fun is a big part of our goal.

However, I’ve discovered that the best kind of game-based math learning will actually boost students’—and teachers’—ability to reason, understand underlying concepts and find solutions to complex math problems.

These are some thoughts I’ve collected from my 13 years of experience with game-based math learning. But this is just a jumping-off point.

The goal for educators is to continue finding and facilitating the kind of instructional activities that help students understand the concepts behind the math problems—games that motivate them to find creative solutions and take an active part in accelerating their own learning. Imagine if this could happen while they’re having fun!

by Shannon Duncan. Mind Research Institute


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