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Curious Kid is an innovative maths club, organising bespoke private group tuition sessions for maximum 6 children. In our classes, mathematical and non-verbal reasoning concepts are introduced and reinforced with games and puzzles.

Our aim is to instil the love of maths by sparking children’s innate curiosity and wonder, no matter what their ability. We do this by placing fun into the heart of the learning process.

In our philosophy, the maths topics are taught with games/puzzles. It is very difficult for children to grasp abstract mathematical concepts but when these concepts are presented with games and puzzles, learning becomes fun and easy.

Research shows that students learn maths most effectively while working on problems that they enjoy.

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"Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein


Our sessions do not only deal with mathematical concepts but also help children develop life skills such as growth mindset, resilience, tolerance, coping with failure, teamwork and respect for others. As they work together to solve a puzzle or play a game, they learn how to cooperate to achieve a target, how to deal with obstacles and how to persevere to succeed.

The 11+ exam system includes mathematical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning sections for which success can be attained only by grasping key mathematical concepts/methods and by developing spatial awareness.

Our classes suitable for school year 3 and year 4, ages 7-9, aim to introduce these key mathematical and non-verbal reasoning concepts early on, with fun games and puzzles.



Our classes are suitable for school year 3 and 4, ages 7-9.

We hold our sessions in small groups of maximum 6 children in St John’s Wood, NW8, London.
A free trial session is offered before enrolment and the child is placed in a class suitable for his/her level.

Classes are on wednesday and saturday afternoons and the fee is £325 for 10 sessions.

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We minimise usage of online games or electronic gadgets. Our games are physical, such as board games, wooden puzzles or puzzles solved with pen and paper. Physical puzzles and games enhance sensory skills and imagination, which form an important aspect of children’s brain development. They also encourage exploration and improve attention span, which is becoming a major problem for children as well as adults due to excessive use of digital technology.

We also provide 1-1 Maths tutoring for 11+ preparations in year 5 and year 6.

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